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Facebook OCP’s Newest Contributor Is Google

Facebook OCP’s Newest Contributor Is Google
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Facebook OCP’s Newest Contributor Is Google

Who says competitors or rivals can’t work together? This Wednesday, March 9, a lot of things happened concerning the tech industry. One of which is the announcement that Google is now teaming up with the social media giant on its Open Compute Project, or the Facebook OCP.

The Facebook OCP is the social network’s initiative to change the way data centers are designed and operated worldwide. The effort was started five years ago. According to a post by the social media’s big boss Mark Zuckerberg, the internet is being powered by data centers which are like the nervous system that enables all kinds of services to run one of which is Facebook.

For a time, all the largest technology companies “designed their data centers and computing infrastructure in secret. The post states that the large companies viewed this technology as a competitive advantage to beat others in the industry, that is until 2011 when Facebook OCP was started.

The social media has realized that if it opens up its designs and shared the firm’s progress with the industry, it will help make progress faster, working together. As the post states “by working together, we’d produce more efficient designs that would save energy, protect the environment and build better infrastructure for our community.”

Zuckerberg noted that so far, the initiative has worked and in the process, has already saved billions of dollars in energy and efficiency improvements. He also states that the project has brought together hundreds of companies and thousands of engineers to make the progress together even faster.

The team up is reported by Wired as a reaffirmation of the power of the social media’s big idea. On tech history, the search engine giant is known to be the “first company to rethink data center design for the modern age.” And for the years to come, Google’s technology has been the most advanced of all.

The project worked well that soon, Microsoft shared its designs while HP and Quanta started selling a new kind of streamlined gear. Other businesses like Rackspace and Goldman Sachs also joined in using this hardware to expand their online operations. Apple even joined, which surprised some as it is known as one of the companies who are big on secrets.

And now, Google has joined too and it has announced the happy news on the annual Open Compute Summit in San Jose, California. According to Ars Technica the first contribution of the search engine giant will be “a new rack specification that includes 48V power distribution and a new form factor to allow OCP racks” that will fit into the tech giant’s data centers.

As of now, the proposed specs are not yet submitted to the OCP but the tech giant is already working with the social media to get it done. The said rack design won’t be the last contribution that the company will make for the project as it said that it also wants to work with the OCP for a new software for server and network management; as well as work on “disk solutions for cloud based applications.”

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