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Facebook Moments For Canada & Europe Not Scanning Faces

Facebook Moments For Canada & Europe Not Scanning Faces
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Facebook Moments For Canada & Europe Not Scanning Faces

The coolest feature of Facebook Moments seems to be gone amiss in the version of the app launched in Canada and Europe. Due to a possible violation of privacy laws, the EU and Canadian version of the Moments app from Facebook will not be endowed with facial recognition software.

Facebook Moments had already gone live in the U.S. more than a year ago but was facing some trouble when it comes to its international debut. This might be due to the fact that the app cashes in on the fact that it can scan people’s faces and tag photos accordingly.

According to The Verge, the original U.S. version contains facial recognition software that allows Facebook to geotag people based on their location and similarities of facial features, and then proceeds to organize them into different categories based on the data collected. This makes the process of finding photos easier, as one can just type in the names of places or friends to gain access to an array of photos pertaining to that keyword(s).

However, owing to strict privacy laws prohibiting the use of facial recognition software in Canada and Europe, Facebook has done away with that feature in the version of Moments launched in these countries. This means that the process of tagging photos and arranging them based on similarities will become more labor-intensive for users of Canada and EU.

People using the app will have to manually identify the faces displayed in a picture, and Facebook Moments will then group together multiple photos that “appear to include the same face,” reports TechCrunch.

Instead of facial recognition, the modified version of Facebook Moments will be using the object recognition technology that lets the social network giant calculate the distance between the different facial aspects of a person. The sad news is, this technology might not have the same accuracy level as facial recognition done, which is a bummer.

On the bright side, Facebook will not have access to the biometric data of Canadian and European citizens, something that it has been accused, by some, of using to create illegal digital faceprints.

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