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Facebook Messenger Update For Android, iOS: How To Keep Your Messages Secret

Facebook Messenger Update For Android, iOS: How To Keep Your Messages Secret
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Facebook Messenger Update For Android, iOS: How To Keep Your Messages Secret

Facebook just revealed their newest update yet – the secret conversations. After promising its Messenger users an end-to-end encryption, Facebook has finally launched its newest accessory.

An end-to-end encryption means that the conversation’s content can only be seen by the parties involved in the chat box. Not even Facebook, expert hackers and other government officials can even sneak in your exchange of messages.

Though the new option is not yet available to everyone, Facebook has been rolling out this new feature to its 900 million Facebook Messenger users in the past few weeks. The secret conversations option can be activated through a manual process. It depends on the user whether to turn it on or not.

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You can tell that it’s a secret conversation when it uses a black background for the text instead of the usual color blue. Plus, a tiny black lock over the contact’s picture can be seen.

To make your conversation a secret, select the “New Message” button on the top right corner, then select “Secret,” and then choose a contact. You can also choose a contact and enable “Secret Conversation” from the list of options given. Both parties should have the updated application for this to work.

Secret conversations are currently only available through the Messenger app (iOS and Android). Meaning, they will not appear on Facebook chat website or Conversation will only be seen on the device where you created the conversation and the device the recipient used to open the conversation.

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The mentioned feature also allows users to put a time bomb in their conversations. Meaning, they can set an expiry date of the message and it will automatically self-destruct. Also, it does not support group messages, GIFs, videos, voice or video calling or payments.

Facebook’s new feature brings simple but heavy encryption to millions of users. Think of it as an instant security to all of us Facebook users.

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