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Facebook Messenger Cashless Payment Coming Soon?

Facebook Messenger Cashless Payment Coming Soon?
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Facebook Messenger Cashless Payment Coming Soon?

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make Facebook a one-stop solution. When the social networking site was launched, it was nothing more than a platform where you could connect with old friends. But now, we can say that it’s the face of Internet.

After Graph Search, Instant Articles and Safety Check, Facebook Messenger is set to step into Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay’s shoes.

The latest reports suggest that Facebook Messenger may soon allow you to pay for physical goods you buy from stores by turning the app into a mobile wallet. We all know how fast mobile payment systems are picking up. Apple Pay has, in a short time period, become so popular even airports have given these transactions a go signal.

The news was first reported by The Information. In its report, the publication wrote, “Tucked inside the code for Facebook’s Messenger are clues for how the chat app plans to become a marketplace, including an unreleased feature that lets people use the app to buy things in stores.”

In the same report, the publication further says, “Other new features hinted at in the software include ‘secret conversations,’ presumably a reference to encrypted chats, something now available in WhatsApp as well as newer messaging apps like Telegram but not Messenger. People could also sync their calendars in Messenger, judging by what’s in the code viewed by The Information.”

We have always seen Facebook try new things. That is why the site is still popular among age groups. Today, we can say it caters to individual needs. Want to reconnect with old buddies? Facebook is the best way to do it. Want to save money on international calls? Facebook Messenger is the best app. It has already killed other messaging and social networking sites.

Is it now Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay’s turn to give up on mobile wallet systems and let Facebook Messenger take over?

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