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Facebook Messenger Introduces First Game, Doodle Draw

Facebook Messenger Introduces First Game, Doodle Draw
Facebook Messenger app camera Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Facebook Messenger Introduces First Game, Doodle Draw

From introducing mobile payments to supporting GIFs, Facebook Messenger has now begun focusing on adding games to its long list of services.

The messenger platform of tech giant Facebook has released its first game, Doodle Draw, where users take turns guessing as to what the other person has drawn.

Fans of Draw Something will definitely see the similarities. Draw Something, a drawing game developed by OMGPop, already boasts millions of downloads just for the free version for Android alone.

Time will tell as to whether or not Doodle Draw will be a hit among Facebook users. It can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

While using the Messenger app, you can even click the “more” tab and you will taken straight to the download page.

Colors are limited from the start. It will only let you use black, red, blue and yellow. But like Draw Something, as you progress further and earn enough resources, you gain access to more hues and tones.

TechCrunch wrote about the application’s spammy tendencies, citing how users could only earn in-game money by forcing people to play, which might lead to the usual intrusive “game requests” developers like Zynga have become notorious for.

Fortunately, after the article was published, Doodle Draw seemed to have a change of heart.

“In response to this article, Doodle Draw’s developer voluntarily removed the ability to earn in-game currency by inviting friends to play,” according to TechCrunch. “So that’s a win for anti-spam. Hopefully Facebook will formally prohibit this in the future.”

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