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Facebook Launches FB Newswire to Target Journalists

Facebook Launches FB Newswire to Target Journalists


Facebook Launches FB Newswire to Target Journalists

Facebook Launches FB Newswire to Target JournalistsFacebook has launched its own newswire tool that aims to encourage journalists to facilitate conversations for the social network’s more than a billion users. The most popular and widely used social networking site calls the new service as FB Newswire.

In a statement, the Website said the new tool was designed to encourage and persuade journalists to share as well as embed newsworthy content on Facebook that is already made public by the members. Those may include stats updates, videos, and photos.

But Facebook is not doing this alone. It has actually teamed up with News Corp to use the latter’s media tool called Storyful. It verifies and manages the copyright of videos and news across the social media.

Gold mine for journalists 

In a blog post to announce FB Newswire, director of news and global media partnership Andy Mitchell acknowledged that news is being accessed by greater audiences these days. He reiterated that media organizations and journalists are becoming integral parts of Facebook.

Social media platforms undoubtedly and logically have become among the gold mines for journalists from all over the world. Facebook as well as Google’s YouTube and microblogging site Twitter are now teeming with materials that are being used and accessed by more social media users to communicate and convey information to others.

Interestingly, Facebook has somehow acknowledged that Twitter is popularly used by journalists in uncovering news. That is because Facebook has announced its own Twitter feed, which is @FBNewswire.

Looking at more opportunities

Facebook said that it aims to work more closely with its news partners. It also aims to further look for more opportunities that clearly makes use of its Website as a venue for gathering news and information.

The newsfeed of Facebook is where its users post stories, share status updates and pictures, and shout out just about anything. It is considered as an integral part of the social networking site’s revenue growth. That is because it could inject paid advertising and marketing messages straight into its news stream.

Last week, Facebook has posted a whopping 72% jump in revenue for the first quarter. It cited a high surge in advertising income for the significant rise in profits.  

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