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Facebook Introduces Privacy Checkup

Facebook Introduces Privacy Checkup


Facebook Introduces Privacy Checkup

Facebook Introduces Privacy CheckupFacebook has assured that it knows that its users want to connect with their friends and not with the company behind the social networking site. But it also knows that it is important to be totally in control about what is being shared within the site and to whom the posts are shared with.

That is why the Website has just introduced a new and interesting way to keep an eye on Facebook security. Are you annoyed by the thought of sharing your posts to the rest of the virtual world? Then, it is time to modify your account’s privacy settings to make sure it matches your preferences.

Privacy Checkup tool

In a recent blog post, Facebok formally introduced the Privacy Checkup tool. It is another new option that will come with the site in the next few days. Once it is ready to be used on your account, just click the message ‘let’s Do It!’ that will appear in a special message box that will pop up when you sign up. Don’t worry because the entire process will take mostly one or two minutes.

Don’t worry about missing your on the checkup tool. As mentioned, it will instantly come as a pop-up appearing first the moment you log into your Facebook account. To add more spice and fun, the company has put a little dinosaur emblem. The dinosaur appears like it is using a laptop. It will implore you into using the new tool t review the privacy settings as quickly as possible. It will also help you make sure the privacy settings are within your preferences.

Choosing options

Once you proceed, the tool would ask you if you would want to share posts with everyone by default. This is where you can make your choices whether to go public or private. Of course, you know the implications when you choose to go public. You can opt to share posts to just some people you know.

You can also review the permissions you have given Facebook especially the apps. Thus, you may never have to annoy your friends when your Facebook game posts announce all the game events on your News Feed. 

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