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Facebook Introduces New Look for Business Pages

Facebook Introduces New Look for Business Pages


Facebook Introduces New Look for Business Pages

Facebook Introduces New Look for Business PagesFacebook has recently announced that it has become home to about 30 million small business Pages globally. That is another interesting milestone for the social networking site because that means that small businesses are actively using it to reach out to more customers.

Other than that announcement, the company has also declared that it is rolling out a refreshed look for the business Pages. The changes have already been implemented and have been adopted by many of the business Pages users.

Users may not see the new design automatically uploaded yet. But they can opt to manually switch to that new design today. Otherwise, they could just wait for two more weeks before Facebook makes the changes automatic. Facebook wants to make sure that all users will be toured and made familiar to the new design before they are put into it.

New design of business Pages

This new design of the business Pages was first announced last March. It includes imminent changes to the right-hand column, where all visitors can easily find all the business Page’s posts. On the left side is displayed information about the business. The data include business map, operating hours, online site URL, phone numbers, photos, and videos.

The new look also comes with greater control over the business pages. Users can now make adjustments on the placement of sections within the top navigation menu as well as in the left-column menu.

Faster and easier access to tools

This new design of the Facebook business Pages offers faster and easier access to the important admin tools. Thus, users can now see information about their ads no matter where they go within the page. They would also easily monitor the new likes, new messages, and unread notifications. Those information would be displayed at the right corner of the header.

At the top page of the business Pages will also be navigation options. From there, users can easily access data about their insights, activities, and settings. Users can also opt to provide Facebook with actual feedback about these changes. To do so, simply click the dropdown menu located at the upper right hand corner. They should then click ‘Send Feedback’ to have the activity initiated.  

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