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Facebook Instant Articles Soon Available To Any Publishers

Facebook Instant Articles Soon Available To Any Publishers
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Facebook Instant Articles Soon Available To Any Publishers

Facebook Instant Articles is about to step up as the social media firm has just announced that all publishers will now be able to create articles using the format beginning April 12, reports The Verge. The Instant Articles is an app that contains pre-loaded contents from some of their partnered publishers. The contents are arranged so that it can be loaded immediately or with zero loading time.

So far, the social media has been gradually introducing it to the public since its launch in May, but it seems the plans have changed. At first, when it has started the service, there were limited number of volume and type of ads publishers were allowed to sell for content. But slowly, it had eased on the restrictions. Now, publishers will be able to also configure Instant Articles themselves using Facebook’s documentation, reports Tech Crunch.

The move apparently coincides with the upcoming F8 developer conference which might lead to other publishers feeling the pressure on offering their stories in the said format or less risk falling behind their peers; which could be what Facebook is aiming for – to receive more support for its latest product.

Instant Articles effectively avoids exits from Facebook instead of forcing people to wait for web pages to slowly load. This app keeps users inside Facebook’s garden where they see ads and connect to their friends. It is noted though, that the announcement of the social networking site not only coincides with the upcoming conference; but is also the same month in which Google is set to release a similar product: the “Accelerated Mobile Pages.”

Google’s product is supposed to debut in late February. Both are not competitors though, as publishers can both use their services. Google’s Accelerated Pages can be used to speed up publishers’ pages for their visitors; While publishers can use Facebook’s Instant Articles to drive better experience for Facebook referral traffic.

Facebook has said in its post that the company’s goal is to connect people to the stories, posts, photos or videos that matter the to them most. By making the move of opening up Instant Articles to any publisher, it will allow them to be able to tell great stories that will load quickly to people across the globe. With the Facebook product, they can also retain their control over the experience, their ads and their data, reports The Wall Street Journal. According to the social networking site, it will also allow publishers to access the audience data and track article traffic through their own analytics systems and/or through third-party providers like comScore.

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