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Facebook Finally Rolls Out Video Ads that Auto Play on Timelines

Facebook Finally Rolls Out Video Ads that Auto Play on Timelines


Facebook Finally Rolls Out Video Ads that Auto Play on Timelines

At last! The auto-play video ads are finally coming to Facebook. Three months after the popular social networking Website started testing its Premium Video Ads, it is now set to roll out the new feature to all of its users worldwide.

Facebook has already disseminated the first advertisements that appeared on several news feeds, as it promotes the Summit Entertainment/Mindshare motion picture ‘Divergent.’ How does the auto-play video ad feature work? As you scroll down through your timeline, the videos would automatically come to life.

Experimenting on auto-play videos

It could be recalled that Facebook started testing the auto-play videos last September on Pages of bands and musicians. The new feature was also tested on several individual accounts as well as verified Pages. Then, the same feature was eventually rolled out to iOS devices last year.

Initially, those ads were perceived to be annoying. Many skeptics thought the video ads would not do well. But Facebook has recently revealed that the auto-playing video ads are increasing the number of users who watch, like, share, and comment on those auto-play videos by as much as 10%.

The new Premium Video Ads are obviously designed to reach a larger market or more audiences through high-quality visuals, audio, and motion. The ads are initially limited to just 15 seconds and would start playing sans any sound. Users would just have to click or tap each video to enable users to listen to it using full-screen view. These new ads are expected to be popping up more widely in the coming several months.

Engaging users more 

In a blog post, Susan Buckner, Facebook’s product marketing manager, said the Premium Video Ads should be another way to engage users through compelling video experiences. She added that the new feature would be rolled out slowly. The website would also continue to monitor how users interact with those.

Ms. Buckner also wrote that the limited introduction is allowing Facebook to focus on efforts to roll out high-quality campaigns. The goal would be creation of the best experiences possible on the social networking site.

As of press time, Facebook is yet to reveal more about the companies that are set to participate in this new ad service. But it has implied that it would run in a manner that would be similar to how marketers usually buy as well as measure ads particularly on TV.

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