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Facebook Facilitates Uploading of Menus in Restaurant FB Pages

Facebook Facilitates Uploading of Menus in Restaurant FB Pages


Facebook Facilitates Uploading of Menus in Restaurant FB Pages

Facebook Facilitates Uploading of Menus in Restaurant FB PagesBefore you go to any restaurant, wouldn’t you want to first check out its menu before going out of your way just to go there? Unless you are already too familiar with a restaurant’s menu, you would certainly prefer if you can check out the dishes to expect first.

Now, you can possibly do so through checking out Facebook Pages of restaurants. The popular social networking site now enables small restaurants to display their own menus in their FB Pages. And the information would be available through FB in Web and in mobile.

This new feature is initially available in the US and Canada. Restaurant Pages can possibly upload their menus using the SinglePlatform program of partner Constant Contact, an Internet-based listings service that facilitate connection and engagement of local businesses with consumers through showcasing their menus, photos, products, services, specials, promos, and more.

Constant Contact

Those who are already users of SinglePlatform before Facebook adopted it can easily find this feature useful and convenient. The menu of listed restaurants will be added automatically to restaurant FB Pages.

As mentioned, Facebook entered into a partnership with Constant Contact for this endeavor. The social site particularly targets the latter’s SinglePlatform technology. This facilitates displaying of restaurant menus in FB Pages.

Updating restaurant menu in FB

But restaurants outside the US and Canada should not feel left out. They can upload the PDF files of their menus in their FB pages. To do so, they need to go to ‘New Options’ found in Settings > Page Info > Menus. This can also be an option to restaurants in the US and Canada that prefer not to use SinglePlatform.

Editing a restaurant’s menu is made very easy. Owners can just send an email to a specific address to be provided by Facebook for such a purpose. The email message should contain the restaurant’s name, the link to its FB Page, and the link to its updated menu. Facebook accepts updated restaurant menu in Word or PDF formats.

It may take up to two business days before SinglePlatform completes updating of a restaurant’s menu in FB Pages. The process is offered for free, although some users may prefer using the more comprehensive services of SinglePlatform, which costs about $79 monthly.

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