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Facebook Faces German Probe Over Privacy Policy

Facebook Faces German Probe Over Privacy Policy
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Facebook Faces German Probe Over Privacy Policy

Facebook is getting bad press recently. Yesterday, it was reported that one of its top executive was detained by Federal authorities in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Now, they are facing an antitrust probe in Germany where it previously also encountered incidents and clashes with some members of the public.

The social media is in another trouble as just this Wednesday, Facebook is currently under investigation in what could be a part of the latest challenges its privacy policies. The investigation, it turns out, is to see whether it has been abusing its social network dominance to harvest personal information, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The Bundeskartellamt or the German federal authority said that the social network’s terms and conditions where the users agree to have their data collected for ad-targeting are stated in such a difficult manner for users to understand it. Right now, they are investigating whether there is a “connection between such an infringement and market dominance.”

This act can, in the long run, be constituted as an abusive practice. The authorities also said that they are working closely with the European Commission, consumer protection associations and other competition authorities in other EU countries for the said investigation. Reports say that the recent probe might be linked to Facebook’s earlier claims “that it is within Europe only under the jurisdiction of the data protection authority in Ireland, where its international headquarters are located.”

By tackling Facebook’s alleged transgressions through the prism of competition law, Germany is avoiding this messy argument, reports Fortune. The probe is not the first time that Facebook has faced regal troubles in Europe. It could be recalled that it has already faced plenty of privacy-related investigations and orders from European DPAs.

Tech Crunch reports that it has included receiving a formal order from the French DPA last month to stop tracking non-users via cookies and social plug-ins; and back in summer 2015 court action from the Belgian DPA over a similar tracking issue where the social media giant later agreed to change how its site operates in the said country.

It has also been reported by CNN Money that about 25,000 Europeans has previously accused the American tech firm of not respecting their privacy rights and sharing their data with third parties.

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