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Facebook F8: Is The Site Becoming An ‘Advertisement-Only’ Platform?

Facebook F8: Is The Site Becoming An ‘Advertisement-Only’ Platform?
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Facebook F8: Is The Site Becoming An ‘Advertisement-Only’ Platform?

Facebook F8 is an “annual gathering” of the site’s developer community. At the conference, the world gets a glimpse of what the social networking giant is planning to do in the coming years. As we hear a lot about Mr. Zuckerberg and his team introducing lot of new features and experimenting with one thing every now and then, you must be excited to know what all the team is up to now. So, here are some of the announcements made at the F8 conference:

From a people site where businesses advertised themselves, Facebook is now turning into a platform for brands where the common man is found in huge numbers. Many of the announcements hinted at the same. Take Messenger Chatbots for instance. With Chatbots, businesses now will be able to deliver e-commerce guidance, automated customer support through Facebook Messenger. This service in the future may also replace call centres and customer care numbers. Zuckerberg’s statement, “We think you should be able to message a business like you would message a friend.” This tough sounds good, its main focus is on letting businesses utilise your presence on the site to the fullest.

Another announcement also focusses on advertising: Account Kit. By introducing this new plug-in for apps, Facebook will allow users to sign up using their emails IDs and phone numbers. “Facebook has also introduced a plug-in for the web and mobile sites that creates a special type of Newsfeed story highlighting quotes, and new customizable push/in-app notifications will let developers run push campaigns,” writes Tech Crunch. As in the site is not running enough sponsored posts that we now also have push campaigns.

This is again a good news for publishers, but also for users. At Facebook F8, Zuckerberg announced that Instant Articles are now open to all the publishers, not only to a few. This means now all the articles will open in mere seconds and users now do not have to worry about loading time.

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