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Facebook Dying A Slow Death? Users Inactive Due To Increased Promotions?

Facebook Dying A Slow Death? Users Inactive Due To Increased Promotions?
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Facebook Dying A Slow Death? Users Inactive Due To Increased Promotions?

Facebook started as a platform which allows you to reconnect with old friends and easily be in touch with relatives and family that are far away. But it looks like things have drastically changed and will continue to change. It’s been a while since the site started focusing on advertisements, but it was alright till its focus was on “reconnecting old friends and connecting people.”

If you observe your Facebook timeline, you will notice that half of it is full with either sponsored posts or promoted pages. If your friends are not much active on the site, forget about seeing any of their activities on your timeline. It gets lost somewhere between the posts from people that regularly post on the site and the pages you have already liked.

According to Fortune, “A damning report published by The Information on Thursday revealed that Facebook has been struggling to reverse a 21% decline in “original sharing,” or personal updates, from its 1.6 billion monthly active users.” For a generation that knows no other means of communication other than technology, it has become highly impossible to connect with near and dear ones without having to see brands trying to sell something to you in the middle of the conversation. WhatsApp and Messenger were so good to converse with each other privately. It looks like Facebook’s target is not just its only site, but every social networking site or app that tries to have its own space in the virtual world. To bombard us with advertising, it also purchased WhatsApp and is now planning to allow brands on the Messenger as well.

The Information in its report has also mentioned that “Less than a year ago, leaders at Facebook convened to address a serious problem: people using the social network were posting fewer things about their personal lives for their friends to see.”In the report, the site further mentioned that “Thus began an effort to deal with this long-term threat to Facebook’s primary moneymaker, the News Feed. Facebook set up a team in London to help develop a strategy to stop the double-digit decline in “original” sharing that happens on Facebook, according to four people with knowledge of the situation.” The main problem is that the platform is no more a personal platform, but an advertising site where the common man is found in huge numbers.

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