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Facebook Director In Hotseat For Colonialism Tweet

Facebook Director In Hotseat For Colonialism Tweet
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Facebook Director In Hotseat For Colonialism Tweet

A few days ago, we reported how Facebook Free Basic initiative has been officially banned in India. We thought that with that in mind, the social media giant will lay low for a while planning on how to go about with the ban. However, it took the public by surprise when the social network became involved in what Telegraph reports as an embarrassing row with India.

The issue stemmed out after one of Facebook’s top directors tweeted a message that has angered thousands of Twitter users. They have accused this director is endorsing colonial rule.  The message, which was deleted after being seen by at least a thousand users, has been widely spread within hours of its postage.

According to BGR, the controversial message states that “denying the world’s poorest, free partial internet connectivity when today they have none for ideological reasons, strikes me as morally wrong.” The Facebook Director responsible for this row is Marc Andreessen, who is also a well known Silicon Valley investor.

But the controversy didn’t stop there as Andreessen has replied to a message comparing the social media’s Free Basics to internet colonialism. He stated that “Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for Indian people for decades. Why Stop Now?”

Because of these tweets Telegraph says that the phrase ‘East India Company’ made it to the trending lists of Twitter this Wednesday. The result of several users accusing the social media of acting like the former British trading company who had a history in the late 18th and early 19th century for having most of the Indian subcontinent under its grips.

Andreesen posted a message later on stating that he apologizes for any offense that his tweets have caused.  He said that he admires India and its people. Furthermore he stated that he will withdraw from future discussions of Indian economics or politics and that he is opposed to colonialism in any country.

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