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Facebook Deleting Donald Trump Account For 500k Likes, Here’s Everything To Know

Facebook Deleting Donald Trump Account For 500k Likes, Here’s Everything To Know
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Facebook Deleting Donald Trump Account For 500k Likes, Here’s Everything To Know

Is Facebook deleting Donald Trump’s account? The news of a rumored petition from one of its users is currently doing the rounds online when it allegedly contacted one of the co-founders of Facebook requesting to shut down the account of the Republican presidential bet if the post reaches 500 likes.

The social media giant Facebook has been relentless in shutting down trolls and dummy accounts on Facebook that were flagged by its several million users worldwide over the past months.

Donald Trump’s ‘Unpopularity’

No wonder the same news gained popularity among social media users, considering the number of Facebook who apparently don’t want Trump in the White House.

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Last week, a certain Gavin Mccaster coursed through the same request to Mark Zuckerberg, one of Facebook’s co-founder, via the private message. In the same message, Mccaster asked Zuckerberg how many likes would it take before he could take down Trump’s Facebook account. He also requested that a screenshot of their conversation would be taken.

To which, Zuckerberg replied: “Hey Gavin, that is a pretty strong request. But it will give you this chance. You’ll have to get 500k likes, 50k comments and 20k shares. – Mark”

Trump ‘Replied’

In a separate post, Mccaster posted, which according to him was, a screenshot of his conversation with Trump where he allegedly asked the presidential wannabe how many likes would it take before he backs from his candidacy.

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“Are you serious kid? Everyone in the US wants me as their president so I doubt you’ll get a single like but I’ll give you a shot. Get 80 likes, 10k comments and 5k shares. Good luck,” Trump allegedly replied.

But this entire campaign has been described as ‘meaningless’ by a report from the Independent, considering the veracity of the Mccaster’s claim that the screenshots were taken from his message exchange with Trump or Zuckerberg.


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