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Facebook Defends Its Messenger App amid Spy Rumors

Facebook Defends Its Messenger App amid Spy Rumors


Facebook Defends Its Messenger App amid Spy Rumors

Facebook Defends Its Messenger App amid Spy RumorsFor several weeks now, Facebook has been receiving numerous complaints and criticisms over its move to remove the chat feature from its own app. Many users are not happy about how they are now required to download and install the new Facebook Messenger app for that feature.

Facebook has finally voiced out its side to defend the move. In a recent blog post, the social networking site reiterated that its main goal to require users to use the Messenger app has always been to make chatting easier and faster for them.

It disclosed that users now make responses up to 20% faster when they use the Messenger app than when they use the Facebook app to do that. The company also assured that users will eventually realize how both apps can be more useful in many other different ways.

No spy

However, the highlight of Facebook’s explanation was how it defended the Messenger app against speculations that it could be a spying program. In the past several weeks, there have been rumors that the app could use a user’s phone camera and even microphone to monitor what he or she is doing with his/her smartphone.

The social networking site has emphasized that there is no truth to such speculations. It reiterated that those claims and reports are not true and should already be corrected. Ironically, Facebook has waited some time to air its side at a time when the rumors are already winding down.

Always with permission

According to Facebook, it requests permission to run the camera and microphone before the app is used, just like most other similar apps. It said such permission is requested before a user makes calls or sends videos, photos, or voice messages.

It further explained that if a user wants to send a selfie to anyone, the app asks for permission to turn on the smartphone’s camera so it could capture the photo. The Messenger app doesn’t turn on the camera or even the microphone without permission and when the user is not using the app.

In the end, Facebook hinted its hope that this explanation can set the record straight, once and for all. To date, Facebook app for mobile phones doesn’t include the chat feature anymore. Users who wish to enjoy the feature should first install the Messenger app and log in using their Facebook accounts to continue enjoy chatting with friends, still for free. 

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