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Facebook Can Be Used To Track Your Friends’ Sleeping Habits

Facebook Can Be Used To Track Your Friends’ Sleeping Habits
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Facebook Can Be Used To Track Your Friends’ Sleeping Habits

Everything today is advanced. From smart cars to talking robots and smart homes, technology has come a long way. Even social media has been utilized to have uses that ten years ago, one can’t even imagine will ever exist. One of which is a new program that uses Facebook.

The social media has many uses, one can react appropriately with the different options on its Messenger, search, stream videos and now, apparently, track your friends’ sleeping pattern is one of them. A new tool or code has been developed by software developer Søren Louv-Jansen of Denmark.

The tool which he has published on GitHub, according to The Verge, is based on the activity time stamps that the social media giant stores on users of its site and Messenger app. Louv-Jansen was able to collect information on users’ sleeping habits because many of them check the social network in the morning and before sleeping at night.

The Danish developer has written on Medium that by creating a simple service that can check the social media site every ten minutes, he was able to get an accurate picture of his friend’s Facebook usage. He also says that since many users visit the social networking site first thing in the morning and before going to bed, it is possible to be able to get a good impression of their sleeping habits.

Fast Company reports that Louv-Jansen said that the data he gathers, which are compiled into an estimate of a friend’s sleeping habit,s comes from the Messenger tool of the social network that allows users to chat online. This messenger tool logs when a user has been seen last active on the said site.

Louv-Jansen also told The Washington Post that he created the code to demonstrate how important online privacy is and to make aware that they are leaving some digital footsteps everywhere they go.

Just this Tuesday, Louv-Jansen said that he was contacted by Facebook stating that the use of his program has violated its terms of service. He said that the social media has asked him to discourage others from using it. The Danish developer, for his part, has already stopped using his tool but refuses to remove it from GitHub.

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