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Facebook App Remains as the Most Used Apps by Mobile Users

Facebook App Remains as the Most Used Apps by Mobile Users


Facebook App Remains as the Most Used Apps by Mobile Users

Facebook App Remains as the Most Used Apps by Mobile UsersWhether in iOS or Android, Facebook app is the most used mobile app,according to comScore. Based on the American online analytics company’s latest US Mobile App Report, the popular social networking app was used by over 115.4 million unique visitors for the month of June alone. That figure easily eclipsed all other existing apps in both platforms.

So what app comes next after Facebook? You’ve guessed it right. Video-sharing site YouTube’s app came in far behind. According to the report, the app was used by about 83.4 million unique visitors in the same period.

To complete the top five most used apps are Google Search and Google Play apps, which accumulated 72 million and 70 million unique users, respectively. Meanwhile, Pandora recorded 69 million unique visitors in the period. Other popular apps on the list are Google Maps, Instagram, Gmail, Yahoo Stocks, and Apple Maps.

Rising number of users

Interestingly, overall mobile app usage rose up to 52% in June compared to the figure in the same period last year. comScore estimates that about 7 out of 8 minutes of average online media consumption via mobile devices in the US is spent in using apps.

According to comScore’s in-house analysts, this should not come as a surprise. They described mobile apps as the fuel that drives mobile growth. For them, apps are also the main utility tools that are now practically used by consumers whether for hiring a cab, posting Facebook statuses, checking the weather, watching videos, or streaming music.

iOS vs. Android

There are other interesting findings of the report. It was found that over 57% of smartphone users regularly access apps each day. For tablet users, that translates to about 26% of users.

But despite the popularity of mobile apps, what is most interesting is the findings that more than 65% of mobile users do not download any new app each month. The remaining 34% download just one or two new apps monthly, while just 1% of users download over four apps. That means that most mobile app users stick to the basic apps that they download once in their devices.

More users of mobile apps are on Android, which account to 83.8 million US mobile subscribers. That is 16.4 million users more than Apple users. But iOS users are wealthier and younger. comScore found that over 40% of iPhone users are aged 18 years old to 34 years old, having a median disposable income of about $85,000 on average. That compares to an income average of $61,000 for Android users.  

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