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Facebook and Amazon Want to Hire Drone Pilots

Facebook and Amazon Want to Hire Drone Pilots


Facebook and Amazon Want to Hire Drone Pilots

Facebook and Amazon Want to Hire Drone PilotsThere is no doubt that drones are controversial these days. Recently, there have been issues about commercial firms flying their own drones. Federal regulations have prohibited drone flying activities for commercial purposes. However, the US Federal Aviation Administration is set to soften on its stance in 2015 to allow light-weight drones to take commercial flights.

That has become a go-signal for Facebook and Amazon to aim to use drone flights for their respective purposes soon. In fact, the two technology firms have started looking for drone pilots who could effectively fly their drones. They are even hiring engineers who can assemble the unmanned aircrafts.

New jobs, higher pay

It is expected that up to 100,000 new jobs would be created in the first decade after drones are allowed to use the US airspace next year. That is according to a recent estimate by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.

What is more interesting is how much major companies are offering as compensation to drone pilots. Most of them are willing to pay up to $50 per hour or more than $100,000 per year. That is based on information released by the University of North Dakota’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

It is not surprising that the two technology firms are among the first businesses to openly express interest to adopt the drone technology soon. Facebook wants to use the unmanned aircrafts for new services, while Amazon intends to use those for delivering small packages within short distances.

Excited for drones

In general, drones are expected to be useful in the industries of public safety, agriculture, film, and oil and gas exploration, where flying unmanned and small aircrafts would prove to be more viable and logical options. Those drones would also lessen overall costs of shipments to some commercial establishments.

However, by now, it is not yet clear how the regulators would deal with the expected instant popularity of drones for commercial purposes. It can be recalled that the small aircrafts are currently under watch because of the huge potential that those could also be used for potential terrorist or spying activities against the US.  

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