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Facebook Aims to Displace Twitter as ‘Second Screen’ in Super Bowl

Facebook Aims to Displace Twitter as ‘Second Screen’ in Super Bowl


Facebook Aims to Displace Twitter as ‘Second Screen’ in Super Bowl

It is estimated that over 100 million sports fans in the US alone will be watching the live TV coverage of the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 2). The battle will not just focus on Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. America’s premier sports events will also be the venue for the big match of online social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

The two Websites will be facing head-to-head to grab the ‘second screen’ title this year. The term ‘second screen’ was coined after a Nielsen research in June found that most smartphone and tablet owners tend to use their devices while they watch TV each day. It is expected that TV viewers will also be active on social media as they watch the Super Bowl coverage. The question would be, which of the two social networks will they use?

‘Second screen’ crown 

In the 2013 Super Bowl, about 26 of the total 52 national TV ads that aired during the match mentioned Twitter in their commercials. In comparison, only four of the total ads mentioned Facebook. This could be an indication that even advertisers know for a fact that Twitter is more used by Super Bowl fans while they watch the game live.

For several years now, Twitter has been considered as the ‘second screen’ leader. The 140-character chat message platform has become a go-to venue for TV viewers who want to discuss game events as they happen. But due to logical reasons, Facebook this year aims not just to share the ‘second screen’ market but also to dominate it. Clearly, it wants to take a bigger slice of the estimated $70 billion fund that US TV ads spend annually.

Facebook aims at Twitter

Due to its nature, Twitter has been considered as the better option when it comes to engaging in real-time conversations. But most observers note that Facebook is quickly catching up. And Facebook can strategize to take advantage this year of its huge network—1.2 billion users worldwide, which is five times the total number of users of Twitter.

Over the past year, Facebook has rolled out new features that were designed to close its gap with Twitter. It now displays trending topics on the right side of its home page. It even started using ‘hashtags’ (keywords prefixed by a pound sign) that used to be unique to Twitter users. But above all, this year, Facebook has an exclusive partnership with 21st Century Fox Inc’s Fox Sports, which will air the game. Let’s see which social network wins this match. 

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