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Facebook Adds ‘Edit Post’ Option to Its Mobile App

Facebook Adds ‘Edit Post’ Option to Its Mobile App


Facebook Adds ‘Edit Post’ Option to Its Mobile App

Facebook Adds ‘Edit Post’ Option to Its Mobile AppFacebook is at last enabling its users to edit their status updates. This would cater to users who usually end up wanting to take back some of their posts on the popular social network. However, this new feature is initially rolled out on its mobile app. And it would start with its mobile app for Android devices.

iPad and iPhone users would not have to worry. Facebook has assured that this new editing feature would soon be available to them on the next update of the mobile app. There is no advice yet about when it would be pushed on Windows Phone and other mobile operating systems.

The updated Facebook mobile app would feature an option that would enable users to ‘Edit Post.’ This function would be found once the drop down arrow placed on the top right section of a post is clicked.

Initial users attest that the new feature focuses on undoing any possible damage or error brought about by autocorrect. This would be more useful if there is a typographical error or if there is an error brought about by a correction program.

Misleading Edit Post

According to some analysts, the ‘Edit Post’ feature could be a misleading option that may possibly cause confusion across Facebook in the future. They pointed out that through it, a mobile app user could make his friends like a particular post, only to alter that post eventually.

There could possibly be an issue if friends like a post and the user suddenly edits that post so that it would convey a different message compared to the original. This may lead other users to believe that those friends who liked an odd post agree with it.

Addressing possible problem

Fortunately, as early as now, Facebook has already addressed this potential problem. It marks all edited posts to allow other users to see the history of any edited post. This way, they could check if changes have been introduced to the original post and if friends who like the post agree with the original or the edited post.

Social media experts are warning Facebook users who may plan to use this feature maliciously and inappropriately. They assure that those users’ friends would certainly determine if posts were modified to change their substance or message. Other users would find out if any user tries to deceive them using the Edit Post feature because the editing history would be accessible.

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