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Facebook Account No Longer Needed To Use Messenger

Facebook Account No Longer Needed To Use Messenger
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Facebook Account No Longer Needed To Use Messenger

It is now possible to use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account. Rolled out on Wednesday, this new feature will allow the user to use the chat app just by providing a name and a phone number.

The new feature will be available in U.S., Canada, Venezuela and Peru. Some countries may also receive the update soon. Messenger currently have 600 million active members, and it might increase with the update, which will be available both for Android and iOS.

David Marcus, the vice president of messaging services at Facebook, said, “We feel it’s the best messaging app and we think everyone should have the opportunity to use it.” He added, “We all have examples of people in our lives who are not on Facebook but would want to have the Messenger experience. It’s really important that we can serve those people and enable them to try out Messenger for themselves.”

Signing in with the phone number will not sync messages across platforms. While logging in with Facebook, though, that is when messages across platforms will be synced – the real benefit Facebook offers to those with accounts.

Facebook Messenger is competing with other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Line. In order to get more customers, Facebook has eased up the logging-in process.

Facebook also introduced Messenger Business this year. Businesses can link any phone number they want while using the chat app, which will make the concept even more enticing.

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