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Fabiola Bittar De Kroon: Lone Person Who Died In New Jersey Crash (Photos, Facts)

Fabiola Bittar De Kroon: Lone Person Who Died In New Jersey Crash (Photos, Facts)
Hoboken Terminal Platform Area Knoxhale / Wikimedia Commons cc


Fabiola Bittar De Kroon: Lone Person Who Died In New Jersey Crash (Photos, Facts)

Fabiola Bittar de Kroon was the lone person who died in the Hoboken train crash, which occurred on Thursday’s morning rush hour.

She was killed when flying debris struck her as she stood on a station platform. The crash was devastating, resulting to multiple commuters suffering severe injuries. The cause of the crash is still being investigated.

The 34-year-old victim killed in the crash was a dynamic corporate lawyer from New Jersey and was also a young mother.

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According to CBS New York, Fabiola Bittar de Kroon was a resident of Hoboken. The publication also stated that she was an adventurous spirited person. She left behind a husband and small child. De Kroon posted that she was from Santos, Brazil on Facebook.

“Corporate Lawyer, MBA (USA), with solid experience in the legal field. Business oriented mindset, team player and hands-on professional, actively participating in the Company’s decision making processes and handling strategic matters for the Company,” her LinkedIn profile said.

“Working as business partner with focus on results. International experience and graduation. Fluent in English.”

Her specialties were Brazilian law, business, and corporate law. She also dealt with contract negotiation and execution, consumer goods industry, and management.

De Kroon was working as a senior legal counsel for software company SAP. According to People, in recent times, she left the position and moved to America from Brazil. It was reported that she moved to New Jersey when her husband started working with an international liquor company.

According to a colleague, de Kroon was a brilliant professional with a high potential. The colleague added that it would be great to work with her again. Another wrote on LinkedIn that de Kroon had proven to be an excellent lawyer in the area of Consumer Electronics. She was efficient on technical items and was a specialist on her own field.

She got married in 2012. The couple had a daughter named Julia, who is a year old. During the time of her death, her husband was out of town for a business and her daughter was at daycare.

The victim’s mother said de Kroon was possibly taking the train to scout apartments. The couple were looking for apartments in New York to provide good schooling to their daughter.

De Kroon got her masters degree in business administration from Florida International University.

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