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Ezra Miller’s The Flash: Blue Lightning Spotted In ‘Batman V Superman’

Ezra Miller’s The Flash: Blue Lightning Spotted In ‘Batman V Superman’
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Ezra Miller’s The Flash: Blue Lightning Spotted In ‘Batman V Superman’

Ezra Miller’s appearance as The Flash in Batman v Superman still continues to be a hot topic among fans in social media. Furthermore, rather than debating on the scene, fans are intrigued about the white lightning that surrounded the speedster during his short appearance in the movie.

In the recent Justice League teaser trailer, it was revealed that Barry Allen emits blue light when he uses his ability. The Flash’s appearance in Suicide Squad served as a second confirmation, since the movie also revealed the speedster emitting blue streaks of light while bringing down Captain Boomerang.

Unconfirmed theories claim that white lightning appears when Barry Allen runs fast enough to travel back in time. However, a recent image on Instagram points out that blue lightning appeared during The Flash’s time travel sequence in Batman v Superman as well.

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According to Instagram user dceucentral, “The Flash’s Blue Lightning was actually present slightly in the Flash cameo in BvS.” Fans can spot it in the image below.

In the DC TV series The Flash, that Zoom was capable of running faster than Barry Allen while emitted blue lighting; the red suited superhero emitted yellow streaks.

Unlike Grant Gustin’s speedster, Ezra Miller as The Flash is portrayed differently in DCEU. Barry Allen’s costume in the cinematic universe is revealed to be a mechanical suit created by Bruce Wayne later in the Justice League movie.

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The mystery behind The Flash’s speed currently remains a mystery. However, Miller has hinted the speedster’s ability to travel during an interview.

While Miller’s stand-alone film will be released later in 2018, the actor will appear as The Flash in Justice League directed by Zack Snyder.

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