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Ezra Miller Teases His Rival Supervillain For ‘The Flash’! Wears His Costume During NODAPL Protest

Ezra Miller Teases His Rival Supervillain For ‘The Flash’! Wears His Costume During NODAPL Protest
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Ezra Miller Teases His Rival Supervillain For ‘The Flash’! Wears His Costume During NODAPL Protest

Since the release of “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, Ezra Miller has been able to take some time off from his filming schedule. The actor was recently seen at a protest for NODAPL.

Ezra Miller and the rest of the “Justice League” crew have been known for actively protesting against North Dakota Access Pipeline. Moreover, the team has also encouraged peaceful moments among the people as well.

Ezra Miller To Fight Captain Boomerang In The Flash?

While the actor may have been busy fighting for a moment in real life, it didn’t stop him from promoting his upcoming film as well. Miller was seen wearing a costume of a supervillain from DC Universe.

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The Flash actor dressed up as Captain Boomerang and was part of the NODAPL protest. Miller was wearing the exact costume worn by Jai Courtney in “Suicide Squad”.

A twitter user has shared photos of Miller suited up as Captain Boomerang during the NODAPL protest. Fans can check out the images below.

Ezra Miller Teases Captain Boomerang Appearance In Upcoming Movie?

Miller plays a Barry Allen/The Flash in “Justice League”. While the movie would be his debut as the Speedster, he will soon begin filming for his spin off as well.

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Recently, Rick Famuyiwa backed away from directorial duties for the Speedster spin off project. It was revealed that there were “creative differences” issues with the studio.

Captain Boomerang is one of the supervillains that The Flash is expected to go up against in his upcoming spin off. DCEU teased their rivalry in “Suicide Squad” as the Speedster is responsible for the imprisonment of Captain Boomerang in Belle Reeve Prison.

“The Flash” was scheduled for release on 16th March 2018. The DCEU title was to release along with “The Batman” by Ben Affleck.

The Flash first made his appearance as the Speedster in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Surprisingly, the studio initially established that he is capable of travelling back in time on his debut appearance.

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