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Eyefi Launches Eyefi Cloud Service

Eyefi Launches Eyefi Cloud Service


Eyefi Launches Eyefi Cloud Service

Eyefi Launches Eyefi Cloud ServiceDigital cameras with Wi-Fi have become very popular nowadays with the feature making transferring photos from your camera to smartphone, tablet, or computer fairly quick and easy. For those with cameras without Wi-Fi, a company called Eyefi has been producing WiFi-capable SD cards like their Eyefi Mobi cards so that anyone can get Wi-Fi on their cameras. Today, Eyefi has expanded their product line by launching their own cloud storage service dubbed simply as Eyefi Cloud.

Eyefi Cloud automatically and securely uploads photos taken on the user’s smartphone or tablet as well as any camera equipped with an Eyefi Mobi SD card. These photos are organized and transferred, in full-resolution, via Eyefi’s new mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. According to Eyefi, it only takes milliseconds for photos to transfer from camera to mobile device.

Once the photos are uploaded to Eyefi Cloud, users can access their photos on any device through a web interface or the iOS or Android apps. With the apps and web-interface, users are able to view, manage, and even share their photos (via e-mail). The Eyefi Cloud servers are also able to detect the type of device a person is using to view photos and deliver optimized versions for the best and fastest viewing experience. People who users share their photos with are able to view the albums through an automatic slideshow or download the whole album as a ZIP file.

“Photo lovers know that life’s most important moments should be captured using a digital camera but it’s difficult to access those shots until long after the images are taken,” said Matt DiMaria, chief executive officer of Eyefi. “Eyefi Cloud makes those highest-quality shots available within seconds of them being captured, so photographers can immediately enjoy quality images on the beautiful displays of their smartphone, tablet, PC or smart TV.”

Eyefi is offering the new service for $49 per year for unlimited photo uploads and storage space regardless of file size or photo resolution. New users will receive 90 days of Eyefi Cloud access. It must be noted though that Eyefi Cloud service isn’t compatible with the company’s X2 Pro cards and is also unable to upload RAW files but the company did state that they plan to expand the service’s compatibility and features in the future.

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