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Experts Call On Legalization Of Ecstasy In Australia To Reduce Adverse Effects

Experts Call On Legalization Of Ecstasy In Australia To Reduce Adverse Effects
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Experts Call On Legalization Of Ecstasy In Australia To Reduce Adverse Effects

A call to legalize ecstasy in Australia is brewing as a pharmacist in Melbourne claims most of negative effects of the drug are due to its impurities, news said. Should the Australian government ensure no harmful effects could afflict Australians when they use the drug, the ecstasy must be bought over the counter in its purest form, experts claim.

In a report from the Age, there are more or less thousands of users of MDMA or ecstasy each week because of what it conveys to the users — a feeling of empathy, happiness, reduced anxiety and intimacy.

Professor and doctor David Penington and pharmacist from Melbourne Joshua Donelly said Australians who take ecstasy were likely using the drug in contaminated forms, putting them “at greater risk of harm” because its manufacture was illegal and there was no quality control.

To stop the harmful effects, the duo suggested the Australian government should legalize ecstasy and control its production and sale so users can access the drug in its purest form. This would also, according to the pair, oblige pharmacist to advise users on the high risks of harm, such as suffering from heart ailments and psychiatric illness, ultimately leading to its avoidance.

Donelly also denied Australian government’s stand on ecstasy and said there was no reliable scientific evidence proving the drug has long-lasting adverse or serious effects. The Australian government has already aired its point on ecstasy, saying it will not legalize the drug as it is known to have negatives effects, including suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, paranoia, vomiting, irritability, high blood pressure, overheating and fits.

The Age also reports that most research on ecstasy was done on its unpurified forms sold at the black markets and not on MDMA; and such research did not take into considerations the possibility of using multiple drugs. In a nutshell, the evidence that MDMA can cause dependence or make users violent was petty.

Donelly also mentioned that the drug was tested abroad for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and claimed “it was likely to provide social benefits for many people and positive effect on their quality of life.”

According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, the intake of ecstasy causes a surge of serotonin, resulting in the drug expending the brain of such important chemical.

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