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Expect The Unexpected In Season Finale Of ‘The Bachelor Australia’

Expect The Unexpected In Season Finale Of ‘The Bachelor Australia’

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Expect The Unexpected In Season Finale Of ‘The Bachelor Australia’

It is only a matter of hours before the finale of The Bachelor Australia reaches its climax.

It is just a matter of hours before the finale of the most-watched show in Australia. “The Bachelor Australia” will reach its climax, and Sam Wood will be announcing the name of the girl he wants to take home. But according to the show presenter, Osher Gunsberg, the finale is going to bring one of the most shocking results of the show.

With only Lana Jeavons-Fellows, Snezana Markoski and Sarah Mackay standing for the final rose, speculations are high about which lady Sam has chosen.

According to Gunsberg, the final decision Sam Wood has taken is one of the remarkable ones for any Australian guy and he is happy to see that. As he said, “It was a real honour to watch Sam come to a realisation about himself, be brave enough to accept that realisation and be brave enough to make a shift in his life around that realisation,”

Gunsberg has mentioned, “He will probably redefine what people think an Australian man is capable of and I am very proud to have had a front-row seat to that.”

The last week on “The Bachelor Australia” was a shocking one when Sam decided to send Heather Maltman back in spite of their blooming romance on the show. According to Sam, they were just friends and he could not feel romantic with Heather.

Sam spent quality time with Snezana and her daughter. Their chemistry was also quite awesome on the show. While asked about the 34-year-old single mom, Sam said, “I feel an unbelievable physical connection with Snezana that I don’t know if I’ve felt with anyone else before.”

Lana is not a hot favorite among fans. She actually crashed the gate of Sam’s heart in her first visit. She is adorable, beautiful, with unforgettable eyes that anyone with adore. “I can see if we ended up together I don’t think we’d ever run out of things to say,” Sam said.

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Sarah Mackay has turned out to be the dark horse in the show with not much attention given to her. While the world may have failed to notice, this Melbourne girl has the highest number of single dates with Sam Wood in the show. Sam was always quite impressed about the blonde beauty. The personal trained said, “Ever since I first met Sarah I felt a great, natural and real chemistry between us,” adding, “I can certainly picture a life with her.”

Your guess is as good as ours regarding the final girl standing on “The Bachelor Australia” this year. Stay tuned on Channel 10 today to watch the finale.

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