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Expect Gameplay Trailer Of ‘Persona 5’ In E3

Expect Gameplay Trailer Of ‘Persona 5’ In E3
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Expect Gameplay Trailer Of ‘Persona 5’ In E3

E3 is certainly every gamer’s wonderland. Although many of us won’t be able to witness the announcement live, there’s always YouTube to the rescue. With the gamer’s conference confirmed to be scheduled from June 12-16, let’s discuss this most anticipated RPG release.

Earlier this week, we revealed new details on Persona 5 thanks to Famitsu. Although Atlus has confirmed the RPG’s release date and has also released an official trailer, there’s still a lot we aren’t sure about. Persona 5 was last addressed at Tokyo Tower this month. After the special event, we haven’t heard any news from Atlus. There have been speculations about its release date for western regions. But, rumors remain as rumors.

As Atlus has confirmed Persona 5 will be presented at E3 this year, we believe the developers would be revealing convincing materials to hype up the crowd. According to IGN, Atlus will probably be waiting for E3 to reveal the first gameplay trailer. The announcement will also unveil the character names and their descriptions. Moreover, the developers may also reveal the western release date and the voice cast. Rumors also suggest that Atlus could reveal the main story/plot of Persona 5.

Persona 5 has been scheduled to release on September 15 in Japan. The RPG is a Sony-exclusive title (Playstation 4 and Playstation 3).

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