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‘The Exorcist’ Episode 2: Devil Stronger, Rance Family Could Be Doomed

‘The Exorcist’ Episode 2: Devil Stronger, Rance Family Could Be Doomed
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‘The Exorcist’ Episode 2: Devil Stronger, Rance Family Could Be Doomed

The 1973 movie that went on to become one of the cult horror movies of all time has been adapted into a TV series on Fox that not only tries to challenge the original but its numerous sequels and the copycats. ‘The Exorcist’ brings back the grim and demonic possession drama and attempts to recreate the spine-chilling horror that defined the original.

According to a report by the Wrap, Alfonso Herrera plays Father Tomas, a Chicago priest, and Geena Davis, a member of his congregation, Angela Rance. Angela tells Thomas that she believes an evil spirit has taken over her family home. Although the priest was suspicious in the beginning, it was after he started getting bizarre dreams of radical priest Father Marcus (played Ben Daniels) performing an exorcism in Mexico that he began to wonder whether God has finally provided him with his calling.

The script, written by Jeremy Slater and directed by Rupert Wyatt, follows the original novel by Peter Blatty. The story underlines how a good-hearted but tormented young priest joins an old clergyman to face a demonic entity that has been creating troubles for an innocent suburban family.

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With one episode in, the Fox series has managed to maintain an air of unease that keeps the viewers glued to the screen, despite the jump-and-scare tricks that interrupt its pace every now and then.

“The Exorcist” Chapter Two

Lupus in Fabula spoilers teased that as Tomas is denied permission to perform exorcism on Angela’s daughter by Father Egan, he is joined by Father Marcus who breaks out of Saint Aquinas. The demon’s hold on the Rance family becomes more formidable and as Angela was stealing the holy water, she was caught by Marcus who advises her on how to use it. Meanwhile, a number of ritual killings occur on Chicago’s South Side, the Spoilertv reported.

Chapter Three: “Let ’Em”

In episode spoilers indicated that Katherine tries to come to terms with her friend Julia’s death. Marcus and Tomas take footage from the Rance family home to papal emissaries to secure permission for performing exorcism. But Marcus will learn a shocking news which will alter the course of his life forever, according to a report by the Ksite TV.

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