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Exit Poll Result: David Cameron Likely To Govern Britain

Exit Poll Result: David Cameron Likely To Govern Britain
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Exit Poll Result: David Cameron Likely To Govern Britain

Results of an exit poll say that Prime Minister David Cameron of the Conservative Party will bounce back and gain the upper hand at the UK General Elections 2015.

According to the poll result, Cameron will again form his government in Britain but will fall short of an absolute majority, showing he would have faced a tight fight with Labour Party’s Ed Miliband.

Of the total 650 seats, the Conservative Party will win 316 seats, and main opponent Labour Party will win 239, which is very close.

Conservative government minister Michael Gove said that if the exit poll is correct, then “the Conservatives have clearly won this election.”

The same poll says the Scottish National Party (SNP) would get 58 seats in 59 Scotland seats.

Poll said that the Centrist Liberal Democrats, the coalition party supporting the Conservatives for the past five years, will end up with just 10 seats. If the poll result proves to be correct, it would be a big tragedy for leader and deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said that the poll should be treated with caution, as chances are bright that Conservatives will regain power.

The exit poll jointly run by BBC, Sky News and ITN shows the Conservative Party will form government in Britain once more, winning additional 14 seats in parliament, adding the number from 302 to 316. Though the final results are yet to be declared, early prediction shows David having the upper hand in the 2015 general elections, governing Britain for the next five years.

“It’s an astonishing result,” said Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, former British Cabinet minister.

“If it holds up … the momentum, the authority that this result would give David Cameron and the Tories would be huge, and the body blow to Labour equally big.”

Two leading British newspapers described the projections as a “shock,” while some pollsters raise doubts on the prediction.

“It’s very different from what we’ve been hearing on the ground across the country,” Ed Ball told CNN affiliate ITN. “I’m not sure this is going to turn out to be right.”

Both Cameron and Miliband made all efforts to lure voters in the campaign. During such, Cameron called the 2015 UK Elections “the biggest and most important election in a generation.” He promised that if he regains power he will work towards a strong Britain’s economy and also claim big payoffs. Opposition party leader Ed Miliband ran his campaign with the promise that more tax will be imposed on the wealthy, and he also vowed to improve Britain’s public health system.

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