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Exclusive: X-Files’ Joe Harris Talks DC Firestorm, Marvel Comics Project

Exclusive: X-Files’ Joe Harris Talks DC Firestorm, Marvel Comics Project
Joe Harris – Image taken by Karthik Prasad


Exclusive: X-Files’ Joe Harris Talks DC Firestorm, Marvel Comics Project

In the world of comics, a select few writers have had the opportunity to work with Marvel and DC as part of their careers. The “X-Files” Joe Harris was one of them.

Last weekend, Morning News USA was part of the Bangalore Comic Con 2016 held in India. During our time at the exhibition, we were able to get an exclusive interview with Harris, an American comic book writer and screenwriter.

Slingers Spider-Man Spinoff was personal

Joe Harris is most notable for his works on “The X-Files” comics with IDW Publishing. He marked his debut on the big screen as the screenplay writer for Sony Pictures’ “Darkness Falls” (2003).

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During the interview, Morning News USA asked Harris about his past works with DC and Marvel. The American writer shared, “Working for DC and Marvel is something I primarily did very early in my career, and it was the fulfilling of a dream,” adding, “I grew up reading comics featuring these iconic characters.”

As for Harris’ career involving DC, Marvel and IDW Publishing, Harris revealed, “I don’t feel that my entire career is beholden to providing words for company owned characters to speak.” He added that “there’s nothing wrong with doing that; I think it’s fun and great.”

Joe Harris revealed that Slingers, a Spider-Man spin-off, was very personal to him at that time. “I wrote in the late 1990s; it’s the first thing I ever did for the company.”

DC’s New 52 Firestorm was great to do

While Harris has moved on to creating original comics, the American writer still has a hold on characters in DC and Marvel. Earlier in 2012, he worked on DC’s The New 52 “Firestorm: The Nuclear Men.”

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Joe Harris initially breathed life into The New 52’s Firestorm in #0 as the main writer. When asked what he thinks about the future of the DC character, he said, “I like Firestorm just generally.”

“I had a great time working on it, and I think it’s great to see, in a general sense, how this shared universe is translating into different production the DC puts out,” he added.

He also loves the shared Marvel shared universe. But, “in terms of what Firestorm will mean, I think it’s great that people are responding well to Firestorm because his comics tend to get cancer a lot,” he explained.

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As for DC Comics, he said, “the things that I have gotten to do on Batman was a lot of fun like Joker’s Asylum starring Scarecrow. That was a lot of fun. I was fond of how that came out,” adding, “I also got to work with Wildstorm when they were owned by DC Comics.”

Before concluding the interview, Joe Harris said that he has a new title from Image Comics launching in December called “Rockstars.” Fans can watch MNU’s entire interview with Harris in the video below.

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