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Exclusive: Todd Nauck Talks Young Justice, Teen Titans, DC Rebirth And Marvel

Exclusive: Todd Nauck Talks Young Justice, Teen Titans, DC Rebirth And Marvel
Todd Nauck – Image taken by Karthik Prasad


Exclusive: Todd Nauck Talks Young Justice, Teen Titans, DC Rebirth And Marvel

Young Justice and Teen Titans are some of the best creations under the fictional DC universe. Both managed to appeal to the audience through animated movies as well as TV series.

Earlier last weekend, Morning News USA was part of the Bangalore Comic Con 2016 held in India. During our time at the exhibition, we had the opportunity to interact with Todd Nauck, American comic book artist and writer.

In DC Comics, Nauck is notable for his works on Young Justice and Teen Titans. Furthermore, the American artist is well-known for breathing life into Marvel characters like Spider-Man and Deadpool with his own versions.

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In an exclusive interview with Morning News USA, Nauck gave insight on his projects and talked about his opinions on DCEU and Young Justice.

“Initially, when I started Young Justice I was excited to draw Impulse (a.k.a) Bart Allen, who later became Kid Flash,” said Nauck, adding, “Once I started drawing the series, I became a big fan of Tim Drake Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl… All the characters I developed deep love for, but Impulse was the first character that really intrigued me the most.”

“Young Justice” season 5 The Last? 

While Todd Nauck was only involved with the comic version of Young Justice, the American artist was still excited to say, “I did watch seasons one and two and enjoyed them immensely.”

Moreover, during his time at a panel in Long Beach Comic Con at California, Nauck revealed that he remembers Young Justice creator Greg Weisman stating they were “trying to get a season 3 going and needed the fan’s help in season 3 going.”

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Nauck also revealed “plans up to season 5, so they have everything ready to go. They just needed Warner Brothers to give the approval.”

He also spoke about his relationship with Geoff Johns and his time working with the comic book writer and current COO and President of DC Comics. Moreover, he revealed his standpoint on how DCEU could use the young superheroes for the big screen.

Teen Titans Over Young Justice?

Before concluding the interview, Todd Nauck revealed, “I just recently, about a week ago, finished drawing an issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool.”

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“I’m just starting a project with Marvel for 2017, but it’s so new, they haven’t announced it yet.”

“I’m also still talking with my friends at DC, and there’s hope I might be able to do something at DC Rebirth if an opportunity arises. But nothing is planned out for that just yet, just talking with my editorial friends at DC Comics.”

Fans can watch MNU’s exclusive interview with the comic book artist below. Viewers can also follow him on YouTube here.

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