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Yevette Vasquez Is One Of The Most Inspiring Mothers Of 2016

Yevette Vasquez Is One Of The Most Inspiring Mothers Of 2016


Yevette Vasquez Is One Of The Most Inspiring Mothers Of 2016

Yevette Vasquez is someone who knows how to take life in a stride. As a parent, she knows it well enough how to get things done singlehandedly.

Vasquez came to the spotlight after Facebook photos of her dressed as a man went viral. She did this for an event in her son’s school.

The event dubbed “Donuts With Dad,” was meant only for the kids and their fathers. Neither her son Elijah nor Vasquez herself wanted to be left out. So she dressed up as a man and took part in the activity with all the other dads.

The plan not only thrilled her son but also everyone who saw her photos. Her photos taken of the event instantly became a viral hit.

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As Christmas is here, Morning News USA believes her story will inspire people. We reached out to her for an exclusive story.

We feel inspired by your story. You made single parenthood looks fun and easy. Is this the first time you went to Elijah’s school as his ‘father’? Or do you do this often for school events and others?

Yevette: Yes it was the first time, it wasn’t even planned, it was random!!!

The social media has been highly appreciative of your courage to dress up like a man, so that Elijah do not have to miss out on an event at school.  But when you did, were all parents fine with it? Were Elijah’s teachers fine with it? What was the general reaction?

Yevette: Yes most everyone I was in contact in were very nice and accepting of my actions. Some people didn’t agree but at the end of the day I did it for my son.

It needs more than courage to raise a child alone. How do you cope daily? Is there a formula?

Yevette: Absolutely there are several formulas but it has taken time to get them and I’m still learning… It’s not always easy but children are the future and I don’t want to limit mines… I refuse to be another statistic or my boys.

What was the feeling when your story received so much appreciation over the internet?

Yevette: First shock then excitement and now GRATEFUL because of reasons like these and cause now parents ask me for advice and it feeds my soul.

It has been about three months ago since you set an example for all the single moms out there. How have all these months been after the popularity?

Yevette: It’s cool cause I didn’t only speak to mothers but single fathers (parents) too. The popularity is obviously fun who doesn’t like attention… I just want the right attention and that’s what I got… I’m glad if I got popular this was the cause.

Would you be donning a man’s look if a similar event comes up in the future?

Yevette: I thought about it but didn’t have to, my other son’s school changed it to parents with pastries. And my sons know I would but they get the point… If I felt my boys needed me to do something like this again I would but it would be random again. I’m spontaneous…

It was fun and a great new way to bond with your child. But we are sure it was challenging as well. What other challenges do you face as a single mom on a day to day basis?

Yevette: Lots but the best way to get by is not to focus on my challenges but to focus on being happy… It’s a blessing to be a mom not everyone gets that chance. So I remind myself there is always someone that’s praying for what I have… I’m strong cause I have GOD…

As you said, you can do anything to bring a smile on Elijah’s face. We would love to know if there have been other similar instances where you went out of the way to make him happy and it came out perfectly.

Yevette: I would like to think so but nothing comes to mind right away… But having my kids’ backs come natural… I’m goofy, active and creative, so I’m sure.

Does Elijah understand what you are doing for him?

Yevette: Yes he does and he shows it… He is a very good kid.

Do you think it is necessary for all the single mothers to try to fill in the dad’s shoes all the time for their kids? Or should the kids be made to understand that it is alright if they miss out on a few things?

Yevette: Umm no we can’t replace men we are born caregivers and men to protect…although single parents try to play both roles, it’s impossible to not get tired. So I’m mom 100%… I think accepting that we miss out on things is so much easier and it’s ok.

After this idea of Elijah worked out so well, did you feel like there were other occasions in the past when you could have simply followed your instincts without worrying much about the consequences?

Yevette: Yes for sure but it worked out I believe. I did it at the right time with the right reason any other time, may have been out of trying to prove a point… And when I did it, it was just for him to smile.

Do you have anything to say to the other single moms who would be reading this?

Yevette: Don’t give up. It gets hard and scary alone but GOD is bigger than anything. Just keep praying and growing with your children, they need us more than ever.

Thank you Yevette for your time. Morning News USA is sure that more parents, whether raising their children alone or with their partners, will be inspired by your story.


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