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[EXCLUSIVE] Interview With Shane Ericks: Rising Filipino Singing Sensation Dropping New Music Video Soon

[EXCLUSIVE] Interview With Shane Ericks: Rising Filipino Singing Sensation Dropping New Music Video Soon
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[EXCLUSIVE] Interview With Shane Ericks: Rising Filipino Singing Sensation Dropping New Music Video Soon

One should not fall prey to Shane Ericks’ twinkling eyes and million dollar smile, as she is not any regular girl next door with long tresses. She wins her audience’s hearts with her sonorous voice, and renders them speechless.

Constantly compared to Karen Carpenter, Shane Ericks for the past three years has been performing in South Carolina. The highly respected singer sat down for a chat with Morning New USA.

Who is Shane Ericks?

Shane Ericks, just 19, and is based in Greenville, South Carolina, U.S., but spent the formative years of her life in Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines. Her love for singing developed while singing in the church.

The international performing artist is also known for bagging the Grand Champion Global Pinoy Singing Idol.

“I have been singing from when I was very little, probably from as long as I can remember,” she said.  Her singing career really started after she came to U.S. nine years ago.

Nine years ago her mother brought her to live in Greenville, SC. Her singing talent was quickly recognized by the local musicians who embraced and encouraged her to perform and develop her skills as a musician.

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Shane Ericks has been awarded the ‘Most Talented Teen’ by her school. She has received the Alpha Phi Alpha Greenville Foundation award for her musical achievement and was the top finalist for the Kidzbop USA Talent Search in 2012. She was also a winner for the Best Singer in Greenville’s district, according to Shane’s Facebook.

Shane Ericks speaks Tagalog and love Filipino singers Gary Valenciano, Sarah Geronimo, Yeng Constantino and Christian Bautista. “It is a God-given talent I will continue to sing for god. He gave it to me and he can take it away,” Shane ends with these words.

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Does She Have An Album?

She has released her first album, “Your Love Is Enough,” which is available at iTunes and Amazon. Shane Ericks’ new Carpenters music video is all set for release on Oct.13. The teen singer has worked really hard for the new music video.

To view the sneak peek of the video, a fan needs to subscribe to the singer’s official website. The singer said that it was a tribute to Karen Carpenter that she had done previously.

“It is more produced and intimate and I brought in my fan and played the piano. It’s just the piano and my voice,” said Shane Ericks. She added that the video with just the piano and vocals has a very acoustic feel.

“I can’t really say much about it, you just have to see it,” she said. Giving details about how it was shot, Shane said that it was recorded at a university which had a huge piano and later the video was shot.

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Tribute Album to the Carpenters

Imbibing the style of Karen Carpenter has never been a conscious attempt for Ericks. After she started singing, she realised that her voice had the same feel of Carpenter, and from then on it has never ceased.

The constant comparison to Karen Carpenter does flatter Shane, but at the same time, she feels a certain pressure to live up to the expectations of her fans. But, she admits that it is a big honor to be compared to iconic American singer and drummer.

Singing Carpenters for Shane Ericks is about being taken back to her childhood memories. It is also a way of introducing people who don’t know about The Carpenters, about the band.

She did not rule out a tribute album of the Carpenters. Shane Ericks sang a mellifluous rendition of Shania Twain’s “Looks Like We Made It,” strumming her guitar for Morning News USA.

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Shane Ericks Career Goals, Launch, Future Music Plans

In terms of her music, she said she wants to “do a lot of recording, continuing to make videos, hopefully touring worldwide, continuing to collaborate with other artists inspire people through my music.” Shane writes and produces original songs apart from adding her spin to a whole lot of songs by other artists. She says she is inspired by Christ, her parents and family.

Meanwhile, she also said that she would love to sing a duet along with Adele. She teased her special Christmas song from the Carpenters, however did not give out the title of the song. Shane said that it will be a surprise.

She said that singing or making music for her is not about pleasing people, or chasing fame or success. She likes to sing and “see people happy and smiling.”

“Music for me is a way to express myself. It is not about fame or money. It’s all about music and people.”

Shane said that she does not like to join competitions where she needs to prove that she is better than everyone else. “There are times when I get rejected, and I have to try again. There is definitely a time when I get discouraged, I am not good enough and will stop singing,” she said.

Check out the full interview:


Check some of Shane’s video covers below:

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