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EXCLUSIVE: Dylan Huffaker, Inspiring Teen Who Brings Terminally Ill Mom To Prom

EXCLUSIVE: Dylan Huffaker, Inspiring Teen Who Brings Terminally Ill Mom To Prom
Photo Courtesy of Dylan Huffaker

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EXCLUSIVE: Dylan Huffaker, Inspiring Teen Who Brings Terminally Ill Mom To Prom

Dylan Huffaker, the teen who brought his terminally-ill mom to the prom on April 3o, 2016 inspired many. Morning News USA thought it was such an inspiring thing to do and story to share, so we caught up with the teen himself for an interview.

First off, Dylan, thank you for being such a sweet son, mommies (and non-mommies) at the MNU office are really touched. Thank you too for being a brave teen, uncaring of what your peers will say when you opted to bring your mom to the prom!

Below is the interview:

How old are you? I am 17 almost 18,

What are your favorite hobbies? I like to do normal teenager stuff read swim play video games hang out with friends.

When you decided to bring your mom to the prom, did you have second thoughts? I wasn’t nervous about my mom I was more nervous about how I was going to look in the kilt I wore.

I love my mom to death and knew that no matter what she would look good I was more nervous about making the night perfect for her.

Did you think of what your friends will say? I wouldn’t say I am not friendly or quiet but I don’t really care what people say. Over the last 2 years I have changed a lot and so I got a lot more respect from my actions.

What were your friends’ reactions? My friends actually thought that it was really cool.

We read some reports and it seemed that your mom was a bit reluctant about going to the prom with you for fear of embarrassing you, how come you were very chill about it? I knew that it was as scary for my mom to go out with her being bald and I was more worried about how she felt then I was.

What did it feel like dancing with your mom? I loved dancing with my mom. Of course its not the same feeling of hormones when you go to a regular dance and everybody is grinding all over each other but dancing with my mom made it more memorable.

Did you expect people to be inspired by what you did? Did you think your video will go viral? I didn’t think that the video would go viral or that people would be inspired.

I hoped that someone would look at this and say hey that’s pretty cool, he is going through a rough time and did this to make sure that she got the opportunity for something that she could miss out on. And I didn’t expect it to go viral. I just did what was right not something that people should see as amazing.

How are you handling your mom’s cancer diagnosis? I have my moments like everybody else where they can be fine one minute and tough the next. I’m more of a hold my emptions in type of guy, I work at one of the largest grocery stores in town and nobody there knew I was going through it until the story ran so I keep it mainly to myself.

How is your mom? My mom is actually doing really well. Her first MRI came back Thursday and the doctors said that it looks very, very good.

What is your message for your mom? I would just say to my mom that im happy I got to spend that night with her.

Do you want to send a message to kids/teens/adults who have ailing parents as well? How do you stay tough and positive? A message for everyone else would be to not let the little things in life stress you out and to always tell the people you love that you love them.

Truly a nice story we have here – inspiring, touching, and sweet. Resilience in life does not have anything to do with age, which Dylan proved. He showed us that being positive is the only way to go in all situations, good and bad.

He also showed us what teens are capable of these days when wanting to show their love. He was asked to supply us with a picture, and other teens would probably gave us their best and cutest photo, but he specially requested that a picture of him with his parents be the one used! So touching. 

His classmates are great too for being so respectful of him! And to mommy Kerry Huffaker, may your recovery be steady and rapid, and thank you to you and your husband for bringing up such a great son!

Watch the video of the touching “promposal” again on Dylan’s Facebook.

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