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EXCLUSIVE: Expats Are Positive About Asia’s Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte

EXCLUSIVE: Expats Are Positive About Asia’s Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte
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EXCLUSIVE: Expats Are Positive About Asia’s Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte

Over the past weeks, the Philippine presidential frontrunner Rodrigo Duterte has been on the receiving end of negative comments for his foul mouth, earning him the title of Asia’s Donald Trump.

As previously reported by Morning News USA, Duterte was often likened to Trump, who is also a frontrunner for Republican party nomination. The obvious and probably the only trait that Trump and Philippine’s Duterte share is their ability to stir the world only by opening their mouths.

But expats who have stayed or are currently staying in the Philippines, have their take on the possibility of him winning the presidency. After all, despite the fact that foreigners residing in the country cannot vote, there are around 177,365 foreigners residing in the Philippines based on a 2012 figures from the Philippine Statistical Authority.

Just barely 10 days before the presidential elections in the Philippines, Morning News USA interviewed expats who have either stayed or are currently residing in the country and asked them what’s their take if Asia’s Trump wins the highest position in the land.

One of those who responded to our interview invitation via Facebook was Raymond Dearden, a British businessman who’s been staying in the Philippines for several years now. Although he cannot vote, Dearden told Morning News USA that he hoped that Duterte would do good as a president, if he wins the presidency.

“All I can really say is I wish him luck and hope he will do what he says in a good way for everybody and build good relationships with other countries,” Dearden said, adding that he’s not really into politics and so far, he’s been enjoying his stay in the Asian country as well as his work in the past year.

Asked whether a new president would matter whether he would continue living in the Philippines in the next years, Dearden said it doesn’t really matter for as long as the new president would do what is lawful.

“Presidents in that past whether good or bad have not changed my mind to stay. Unless it becomes a police state, then I would consider changing countries,” he said.

Duterte’s critics are skeptical in his style of leadership, especially since some of its detractors are apprehensive that he might declare martial law once elected as president.

Chebatoris Ron, who also stayed in the Philippines for quite some time, said Duterte is the right guy for the job. Speaking in the perspective of an outsider in the country, Ron said there are a lot of things that must be done in the country, including improvement of mass transportation and eradication of corruption in the country.

“I know the county is in the need of a candidate such as Mr Duterte to stop corruption as I have seen in the bullet planting at the airports and also the crime of snatching and other safety issues. I would like to see the transportation system improved such as better traffic control. I would like to see better air control [against] pollution,” Ron told Morning News USA via Facebook chat.

Ron added that being a non-traditional politician and coming from a lowly background, Duterte is the right person for the job.

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