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Ex-Scientologist Shares Experiences Of Tom Cruise, John Travolta Within Church

Ex-Scientologist Shares Experiences Of Tom Cruise, John Travolta Within Church
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Ex-Scientologist Shares Experiences Of Tom Cruise, John Travolta Within Church

A former member of Scientology claimed that horrific conditions are happening inside the church, because she experienced these herself. She mainly served as a life coach of the members, including Hollywood superstars Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Now , she revealed what she and these stars went through.

Nora Crest, who worked with Cruise and Travolta as they went through the Scientology courses, shared to Daily Mail Online what the two experienced. First, When Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman had marriage woes before they completely parted ways, Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard allegedly instructed them to stay away from the actress.

“I worked with Tom Cruise’s kids Connor and Isabella – they were only little and I was working with them during the summer time when they were off school, they were fun and very sweet,” she narrated. “That’s when Tom and Nicole were going through a separation and we were ordered never to speak of her and she was a bad person.”

When she guided Travolta into learning the words of a policy created by Hubbard, she used an E-meter to do so. She detailed how rigorous and insane the whole process is.

I used an E-meter to guide him to words that he didn’t understand. The meter helped me look for a reaction if they didn’t understand a word,” she said. ‘The needle would flicker if he didn’t understand and I’d use a dictionary to help him and he’d have to repeat it until the needle flowed like a sweeping hand of a clock. He was very nice and apologized 20 times for helping him,” she added.

What she personally experienced, however, takes the cake. She said that when she realized she was a homosexual and the church found out, the church turned her life into a living hell. She said the church considers homosexuality a grave offense and the “lowest of the low,” that by merely kissing a girl, she was sent to “prison.”

“It was the most horrific time of my life,” she recalled. “I was battered and bruised, pushed around and nearly died trying to leave the Church and all because I had the audacity to desire another woman.”

“I was brainwashed into believing I’d done wrong and had to live in horrific conditions for three years before I was finally allowed to leave,” she added. “This can’t be allowed to happen to another person, hence why I’m speaking out. “

Having felt degraded, Crest decided to leave Scientology, the church actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta continue to serve until this day. Travolta, it can be recalled, is a staunch supporter of Scientology. He once said that the church is only under attack because it works “really well.” He said he is sure Cruise feels the same, as reported by The Huffington Post.

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