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‘Evolve’ Free-To-Play Launch Explodes Player Count, Makes Its Way To Steam’s Top 20 Games

‘Evolve’ Free-To-Play Launch Explodes Player Count, Makes Its Way To Steam’s Top 20 Games
Evolve Stage 2 from Evolve / Facebook


‘Evolve’ Free-To-Play Launch Explodes Player Count, Makes Its Way To Steam’s Top 20 Games

Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios’ monster focused first-person shooter game has gotten a ridiculous rise in players after becoming free-to-play. As of Saturday, its player count has risen over 25,000% and is now the top 11 most played game on Steam.

This must be electrifying the guys 2K Games. A look at the game’s state before and after becoming free-to-play shows that the results are nothing short of a miracle.

According to PC Gamer, BEFORE going FTP, the game’s player peaked at a pathetic 157, a day AFTER embracing the free-to-play model, its player count jumped to a whopping 24,000.

Though this is nothing compared to Gabe Newell’s babies DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive, it is still one for the books. These two alone rakes in millions of players globally, Evolve should be more than happy to land at the Top 20 most played games on Steam.

Given that it marketed a 4v1 multiplayer mode, a large player base is a necessity. Shifting from hugely expensive DLCs to a free-to-play obviously solved this conundrum.

Of course, re-launching a game into a new free-to-play model isn’t all smooth sailing. While reviews on steam have been mostly positive, there are complaints about the game entering a re-beta state.

According to Kotaku, this is still too early to say for certain that the game has made a comeback; it was still an unprecedented result. A week ago, no one could have predicted that the player count would increase at an astronomical rate.

The current data is still just days old and could be the result of the hype surrounding the game’s launch. Whether it continues to do so, in the long run, is still unclear.

Retaining the players is still a top priority for the game if it has any chance at success. It would be interesting to see what Turtle Rock Studios will come up to accomplish this.

Evolve Free-To-Play is currently available only on PC, for now, that is.

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