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Everything You Need To Know About “iPhone 6s” And “iPhone 6s Plus” Cameras

Everything You Need To Know About “iPhone 6s” And “iPhone 6s Plus” Cameras


Everything You Need To Know About “iPhone 6s” And “iPhone 6s Plus” Cameras

The camera of iPhone 6S Plus is designed in a way that it performs better in low light.

The features and performance of the iPhones launched at the Apple Event have been judged and criticized. But what about the cameras of these phones? How can we forget such an important feature? So, here’s a review of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus cameras – the key features of these smartphones.

Apple has brought a much-awaited change to the cameras of the latest iPhones. The company has boosted the rear camera’s megapixels to 12 from 8. Let us now see if Apple has made any further changes to its camera in terms of quality and performance.

The camera of iPhone 6S Plus is designed in a way that it performs better in low light. But what is highly disappointing is that the same improvement is missing from another iPhone launched by the company. When other high-end smartphones that belong to other brands have introduced cameras that work much better in low lights, we wonder what made Apple not introduce this feature to iPhone 6s.

The latest iPhones come with a new sensor chip which makes it easier for the phones to deliver results with accurate colors. How is that possible? Unlike the previous versions, red, green and blue filters have been positioned closer to the top of the pixels. The end result of which are pictures in original colors.

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4K Video Support

As expected, Apple launched its latest iPhones with 4K Video Support. Even though you are allowed to create high-resolution videos, the resolution of these videos get affected while importing. Yes, the 4K videos get imported at lower resolution. Space is another concern with 4K videos. As these videos eat a lot of your phone’s space, it is recommended not to use this feature to use if you are investing on a 16GB iPhone.

3D Touch and Live Photos are the features that users would enjoy to the fullest. Being pressure-sensitive, you can just use your fingers to let your phone know if you want to just click a picture or start shooting a video. The best part of these cameras is their ability to take short snippets of videos 1.5 seconds before and after the picture is been taken. iPhone cameras did a wonderful job even with 8 megapixels. With 12 megapixels, the cameras still has the capacity to beat smartphones with cameras around 16 megapixels. We just wish Apple would have made some major changes instead of subtle and minor ones to both these iPhones.

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