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Evernote-linked An Emerging Leader Among Big Blogging Platforms

Evernote-linked An Emerging Leader Among Big Blogging Platforms


Evernote-linked An Emerging Leader Among Big Blogging Platforms

Searching for a blogging platform with all the wonderful features? that is a very popular blogging service, linked to an eminent note-taking app Evernote has rolled out a premium tier for its members for around $5 per month that amounts to $50 per year. The cost is not much considering the variety of great features that are included in the premium tier of the blogging platform. This release will take the graph of quite high in the world of blogging platforms.

Although is still in its beta version only, yet it lets you write posts from the Evernote using the dedicated notebook, and allows you set the keywords like ‘Page’, ‘Avatar’, and ‘Published’. More than just writing the articles, the blogging service also ties itself with the commenting tool Disqus. It also supports the role of Google Analytics, and Markdown. It also allows for the social sharing and custom domains also.

The newly launched Premium tier provides you the choice of creating as many sites as you can, password protect them, and have multiple users of post to the same blog with their own creativity.

In addition to introducing the novel tier for its users, has also unveiled some new features and improvements for its users. You are now provided the capability to upload your custom avatar, or logo directly on the site. This simply means that you cannot add a note with the tag of ‘Avatar’, but individual authors can maintain their own avatars in their accounts of

Some social sharing options are also introduced by in its latest improvements of its features. The users can now follow the posts that appear in their dashboards. It is hence very easy to keep the tabs on the new content. You can easily like the posts that you find interesting, either from the site itself, or from the Discover feed.

Codes embedded on the pages have also received a great revamp. Their detection has become quite similar to the WordPress shortcodes. This new feature has made blogging platform more reliable. has added another great feature of Flickr single-photo embeds that work with both short and full URLs including the Pixton embed codes and SoundCloud.

It would be interesting to see the competition of with the giants in blogging such as WordPress and Blogger.

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