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Event Planning App ‘WePopp’ now offers restaurant table booking via OpenTable

Event Planning App ‘WePopp’ now offers restaurant table booking via OpenTable


Event Planning App ‘WePopp’ now offers restaurant table booking via OpenTable

WePopp is a famous French startup that launched an app a few to help people plan the events, hangouts, trips, meetings and dinners with friends. Planning any event with friends is a really difficult and tiresome task as there is always someone with an argument about the date, event location and timings. It takes costly phone calls, hours of discussions and planning, booklets to fix a trip on some location with your friends. But that was all before the launch of WePopp, an iPhone and Android app.

Today, WePopp announced another nifty feature in their famous app which will allow you to book a restaurant table nearby the place of your meeting using the OpenTable services. OpenTable is another famous US based social service that lets people book hotel and restaurants on demand.

WePopp works in an amazing way. It gives you options to choose about the type of the meeting. For example, you can choose tea, dinner, sport, meeting, conference weekend trip and many other types of events from the app’s interface. After choosing the type of meeting, you can select the friends from the list like menu in order to send them ‘invites’. After you send the invites, the friends will be instantly wired about this activity and now the real game starts. The respective people can now edit, discuss, cancel, confirm and approve the venue, timings and other attributes for the meeting.

After everything is settled, you can just fix the event and “approve” it and that’s all. iOS 7-ready in terms of its ‘flat’ design, interface and flow, WePopp was hailed as the best and neatest app for event planning and synching after Rundavoo and Doodle, the most famous US based startups for event planning apps.

OpenTable integration will make things more easier as now you will not only be planning an event and venue, the hustle of going to place, searching for the table and resort will also be taken care of by WePopp. According to the media reports, WePopp raised around €4,500 from Google to grow its services.

Experts predict that the Mountain View might get its hands on WePopp and a high end business deal is likely to take place amid the massively increasing profits graph of WePopp. WePopp says that it has all the plans to expand beyond Europe and the US and the next ground for WePopp will likely be the Asian countries and the Middle East.

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