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Even Intelligence Officials Fear WW3

Even Intelligence Officials Fear WW3


Even Intelligence Officials Fear WW3

Military officials share apprehension about the provocative activities by Russian spy ships and submarines in close proximity to undersea U.S. cables.

Intelligence and top military officials share their apprehension about the provocative activities conducted by Russian spy ships and submarines in close proximity to undersea U.S. cables. Such cables are significant to global Internet communications that any attack on them will cripple correspondence in the West in any instance war erupts.

Pentagon officials who have spoken with The New York Times on condition of anonymity said that the activities of the Russian spy ships very close to the undersea cable wires are the focus of its attention as of late. The activities spark anxiety among top military officials, especially that Russian ships are scouring remote areas in the sea. This give the impression that they are looking for the “Achilles’ heels,” where a clandestine attack from them will not be immediately felt or fixed, rendering communications among Western countries impossible at times of war. There is also a possibility that Russian ships are looking for special cables built by U.S. for covert military operations.

As previously reported by Morning News USA, fears of a looming World War III were sparked by Russia’s building of military structures in the Arctic, within 300 miles from U.S. mainland. Morning News USA also reported that Russia can launched missiles meant for the ISIS in Syria from their ships based in the Caspian Sea.

Admiral Mark Ferguson, commander of American naval forces in Europe, noted that patrols made by Russian submarines have increased to 50 percent compared in 2014. The rate with which it is strengthening its naval capabilities was not seen in the past ten years. Russia is also scrambling to develop its military infrastructure, allocating a budget of as much as $2.4 billion in the Black Sea fleet alone.

Ferguson said Russia indeed is very much focus in its doctrine of hybrid warfare. “This involves the use of space, cyber, information warfare and hybrid warfare designed to cripple the decision-making cycle of the alliance. At sea, their focus is disrupting decision cycles,” he said.

Rear Admiral Frederick Roegge and Commander William Marks confirmed the fear that shrouds the officials at present. “I’m worried every day about what the Russians may be doing,” Roegge told NY Times. “It would be a concern to hear any country was tampering with communication cables; however, due to the classified nature of submarine operations, we do not discuss specifics,” Marks said further.

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