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Euro 2016: (Photos & Videos) Russia And England Fans Clash Again In Lille

Euro 2016: (Photos & Videos) Russia And England Fans Clash Again In Lille
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Euro 2016: (Photos & Videos) Russia And England Fans Clash Again In Lille

After a a few days, violence erupted. Russian and England fans clashed again after a previous brawl inside the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille last June 11. This time, the crowd took the violence to the streets, hurling bottles at each other at the Lille city center.

Following the incident in Marseille, the UEFA Executive Committee had already warned both the Russian Football Union and the Football Association that another clash between fans can lead to potential disqualification for both teams from the tournament. As of the moment, the Russian team is already also facing a suspension along with a fine amounting to €150,000.

According to a report from The Guardian, England fans were drinking outside the bars located near Lille’s domestic train station. They had been singing songs and conducting some impromptu football games. But the moment they had learned that Russia had lost to Slovakia, however, their songs and chants took on an anti-Russian tone.

One chant reportedly went, “We’re England and Wales, fuck off Russia, we’re England and Wales!” while another declared, “Russia’s going home.”

At some point, Russian fans had started arriving in Lille’s city center following the game. As they did, chants and songs from England fans became louder. There were also said to be some finger pointing involved. Tension developed quickly. Suddenly, a loud bang was heard from what seemed to be a firework or flare. This apparently signaled the Russian fans to start charging.

Russia fans reportedly started charging at some 200 England fans drinking outside the Le Prize pub. CRS riot police pursued the aggressive fans. French police had also decided to use tear gas to help disburse the crowd.

It is unclear if the UEFA will consider disqualifying the Russian and England teams following the latest violent incident.

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