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Erin Andrews Done With Marriott Hotel Case, Ready For A New Life After Video Scandal?

Erin Andrews Done With Marriott Hotel Case, Ready For A New Life After Video Scandal?
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Erin Andrews Done With Marriott Hotel Case, Ready For A New Life After Video Scandal?

On Monday, the American sportscaster and television personality Erin Andrews, has reached a settlement with Nashville Marriott Hotel over a nude video of her that went viral. Her legal team said she was courageous throughout the ordeal. How she lives her life after the video scandal is a different story altogether, of course.

The sport reporter’s attorney, Randall Kinnard, has revealed to E! News that, “The litigation is over. The terms of the settlement are confidential. Erin Andrews is satisfied with the settlement, and she was very courageous throughout this litigation.”

It can be remembered that Andrews filed a lawsuit against Marriott Hotel because back in 2008, David Barrett took a video of the sportscaster while changing clothes in her hotel room. Barrett was able to shoot the video of Andrews naked through a peephole in an adjacent room in the Marriott Hotel. A year later, Barrett pleaded guilty to stalking Andrews and taking the video.

According to Huffington Post, the jury found the Nashville Marriott Hotel is liable for 49 percent of the $55 million in damages, amounting to $26.95 million. While Barrett is liable for 51 percent, which is equivalent to $28.05 million. Barrett was sentenced to 30 months behind bars.

However, Law Newz reported that Randall Kinnard, Erin’s attorney, was not satisfied with the amount that was divided between the Nashville Marriott Hotel and stalker Barrett. Attorney Kinnard expressed that the amount should not be split. Kinnard pointed out the hotel should take full responsibility, especially because stalker Barrett probably wouldn’t have the capability to pay his share.

However, The Tennessean acquired a court document that stated Erin’s attorneys contended that the hotel defendants are jointly and severally liable for all of the plaintiff’s damages. In addition, the final judgement “should reflect that each defendant is jointly and severely liable for the entire verdict.”

The court filing stated, “This court should issue a judgment against each defendant for $55 million, or at the very least, invite briefing from all parties on the matter before entering a final judgment.”

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