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Erdogan Ceren Dead: Turkish Man Live-Streamed His Suicide After Breakup With GF

Erdogan Ceren Dead: Turkish Man Live-Streamed His Suicide After Breakup With GF
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Erdogan Ceren Dead: Turkish Man Live-Streamed His Suicide After Breakup With GF

In a shocking and tragic incident, a man from Turkey killed himself while live-streaming the incident on Facebook.

Twenty two year old Erdogan Ceren, of Duzici, Turkey, killed himself live on Facebook after his girlfriend broke up with him.

As reported by The Sun, the video shows Ceren talking to his computer camera saying, “No one believed when I said I will kill myself – so watch this.”

Erdogan Ceren Dead: “Don’t do it, for the love of god.”

The video of the incident, which contains extremely graphic content (and so we urge viewers to watch it with extreme caution), can be seen towards the bottom of the story.

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The shotgun he used to kill himself jammed in his first attempt. The viewers watching the feed tried to stop him but Ceren attempted another time.

This time, the screen went black.

The tragic video has been viewed more than 543,000 times and received 14,000 comments. One social media user was pleading Ceren to not shoot himself. “Don’t do it, for the love of god,” the social media user said.

According to Turkish news site, Ceren’s dead body was found by his relatives and was transported to the hospital. He passed away hours later.

Erdogan Ceren Dead: Investigation Launched Into The Matter

Previously, Ceren had posted a status on his Facebook page, saying he was “feeling broken.”

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“Our love saga would be written, “Behold, the eyes would not cry, half of you is going to tell you now, my hands do without that side”,” the status said.

One of his last month’s posts read, “And now he passed away in peace. Why do you think spring is in the middle of ice. Just shut up and smiled at him, I gave a lesson “That’s why darkness. Forgive me, girl”.”

An investigation into the incident has been launched by the Turkish police, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The Mirror lists some help-lines and websites for those “struggling to cope with mental health issues.” The entire list can be viewed here.

Warning: The video below contains graphic images, which readers may find disturbing.

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