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Episode 3 Spoilers For Mr. Robot, New American Cyber Drama Series

Episode 3 Spoilers For Mr. Robot, New American Cyber Drama Series
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Episode 3 Spoilers For Mr. Robot, New American Cyber Drama Series

Mr. Robot,” which premiered on May 27, have already become a much-talked about show in the U.S. just after 2 episodes, the last of which aired on July 1.  This cyber thriller series, which has already been renewed for a second season, actually seems to have the mettle to shine during the next episodes.

For the enthusiastic aficionados of the show, here are some information that can offer a good idea about where the show is going to lead in the next episodes.

By the second episode of the show, we have already gotten a glimpse of the personal life of Elliot. What happened between him and his father in the past is also quite clear now to the viewers. The second episode ended at a point where Mr. Robot was about to push Elliot off the ledge.

As reported by CarterMatt, the plot for the next episode has been revealed. So, if you are truly anxious to know what happens next in “Mr. Robot,” read on.

The plot of the next episode will start with Elliot in the hospital and his therapist attending to him, as shown in the clip preview; it will hover on the point where Elliot is finally able to lead a normal life, which he wants, or dragged away by the Evil Corp still trying their best to convince him. The episode will showcase Gideon in a suspicious role and Tyrell will surely shoot a few evil tricks out of the sleeves.

Having stated the spoilers we believe that we have done much to keep your anxiety in check, at least for now. So get on with the show and catch the next episode on USA Network.

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