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Episode 3 Of Mr Robot – Recap (Spoilers Ahead)

Episode 3 Of Mr Robot – Recap (Spoilers Ahead)
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Episode 3 Of Mr Robot – Recap (Spoilers Ahead)

Mr. Robot,” the cyberpunk thriller, has been able to make an impression just with its first three episodes, the third of which was aired on July 8. Last week’s episode ended at a critical point, leaving viewers craving to know what happened to Elliot; hence the 3rd episode scheduled this week is highly awaited.

Viewers are looking forward to follow the series throughout the season. Here is a gist of what happens on episode 3 of “Mr Robot.”

One of the most critical questions left for viewers of the 2nd episode was: which would Elliot join – fsociety or Evil Corp? This week’s episode shows Elliot picking fsociety as he comes to know that Evil Corp was involved in the death of his father.  As revealed in the preview of this week’s episode, Elliot wakes up in hospital looked after by therapist Krista and Shayla, his drug dealer. As Shayla leaves the room, Elliot admits his drug habits and promises Krista he will stop it.

Shayla is suspicious of Elliot for having a hand in Vera’s busting but Elliot lies to her. In the meantime, the street rapper who supplied the demo CD to Ollie is revealed to be a hacker. Ollie admits he has been cheating and tells Angela that the hacker was making demands. Angela decides to cooperate and stay with Ollie and hack AllSafe.

Elliot has the idea that fsociety is finished forever, and that he can manage to live a normal life, which makes him ask Shayla for a date.

Much about Tyrell, the Evil Corp employee, is revealed in this episode. He is portrayed as a psychologically imbalanced character beating people to unconsciousness and engaging in wild activities.

It is also revealed that Colby had a hand in the toxic leak that caused death of the father of Elliot and the mother of Angela, making Elliot get back with fsociety. However, how Elliot plans to keep up with the organization is yet to be revealed in the next episode yet to be aired on July 15.

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