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EMT Rescues 4-Year-Old Who Fell Off A Moving Van

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EMT Rescues 4-Year-Old Who Fell Off A Moving Van

One EMT has just managed to save a young girl from certain death when she suddenly fell off a moving van in the middle of the road.

It is a moment that would anyone’s heart stop. A church bus had been moving along a state highway in northern Arkansas on Wednesday when suddenly, its back door swings open. One little girl tried to hang on to the door but ended up falling off the van and onto the busy highway. She had landed on her face. At that moment, 31-year-old EMT and volunteer firefighter Ryan Ciampoli was horrified. He was driving right behind the van when the incident happened.

Immediately, Ciampoli decided to go into action. First, he swerved in order to let other drivers behind him know that something was horribly wrong. Afterward, he rushed off to the girl who was still lying in the middle of the road. Initially, she had been unconscious but she eventually regained her consciousness as Ciampoli attended to her.

Little girl regained consciousness, starts kicking and screaming.

“I knelt down and started talking to . She put her arm up like, ‘Get me,’” Ciampoli told the Washington Post. Soon as the little girl gained consciousness, started to panic a little bit. ” She started kicking and screaming once that adrenaline kicked in and asking, ‘Where’s my mommy?’” Ciampoli recalled.

A dash cam captured the moment when Ciampoli was attending to the little girl. He scooped her up into his arms and took her off the highway. Later on, Ciamoli told Inside Edition that he felt it was safer to remove the girl from the scene since they were both in danger from oncoming vehicles. This is despite criticism from many online that said it may not have been safe for Ciampoli to move the vicitim.

The little girl was later identified as Emily Rose Turner. According to a police report, little Emily had decided to open the latch of the emergency door herself. This resulted in her horrific accident. As a result, Emily sustained broken teeth and a gash on her forehead. She also has a broken jaw and will need surgery. Other than that, police say Emily is in “good shape,” according to a report from Fox 5.

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